Call for Papers (2022)


Thematic Issue

Law and Liberty in Brazil

Guest-Editor: Amanda Flávio de Oliveira, PhD, University of Brasília (UnB) / Instituto Mises Brasil (IMB).

Call for submission: July 01, 2022.

Mises Journal ( e-ISSN 2594-9187) is an international forum for discussing the Austrian School of Economics ideas and related topics. We provide an interdisciplinary outlet for research interested in the Austro-libertarian views of Law, Economics, Philosophy and their applications in the other social sciences.

Articles will be accepted in English and Portuguese.

Topics of interest include:

  • Brazilian Constitution of 1988

  • Fundamental rights

  • Regulation in Brazil

  • Data protection

  • Tax law

  • Other discussions on the contemporary legal problems, mainly Brazilian problems.

The thematic edition will be published as the 2022 Special Edition, and these are the important dates:

  • Deadline for submission: August 01;

  • Editor's evaluation and first response to the authors: until August 15;

  • Authors will receive comments from reviewers: until August 30;

  • Author´s corrections to reviewers' comments: until October 01;

  • Publication: end of November.

Special Volume Submission 

We will follow the standard requirements for regular papers published by the Mises Journal, the guidelines for which are on our website (here). All submissions will follow the single-blind peer review process. Papers should be relevant to an international and multidisciplinary audience, even if it evolves Brazilian law system.

When submitting an article for this issue, select "Special Issue 2022 " in the submission system.

 Regular Issue Submission

If your manuscript does not meet the requirements of this special issue, we suggest that you submit it to the regular editions at the Mises Journal. We receive applications regularly, and our editorial process is supported by a group of about 50 professors spread around the world.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Adriano Paranaiba, IFG, / Instituto Mises Brasil (IMB)

Special Issue Guest Editor: Amanda Flávio de Oliveira, PhD, University of Brasília (UnB) / Instituto Mises Brasil (IMB)

For any questions, please contact the assistant editor for this special edition, Fernando Monteiro D'Andrea, at